"When I realized that I had gotten everything I wanted but was not happier, but rather bored, I had to change something..." 

...said a famous millionaire to us, in the first session. 

Most of our clients became entrepreneurs to be independent, to be recognized more and to earn a lot of money.

They were dissatisfied with their old working conditions. 

For a while, they were also satisfied with their new life, until they realized that they were missing TRUE FREEDOM. 

Most & best choice

1h Energy Session

  • 1h Online Energy Healing
  • Well suited for one problem or goal
  • Recording included if desired
  • Guided process and conversation
  • Results oriented
  • Perfect for you like a tailor-made suit/dress
  • Available After booking within 1-3 days

V.I.P. Energy Mentoring
$1 Million

  • 12 Weeks of Life/Business/Health/ Relationship Energy Healing
  •  Include Energy Healing of your Family
  • Heart Healing 1on1 Session
  • 3 VIP days online/offline
  • Unlimited mails/voice messages
  • Weekly energy healing session zoom/phone
  • Fast results as perfectly tailored
  • Personally tailored materials
  • Physical Elite Transformation Kit 
  • Light speed transformation
  • Super High discretion
  • Anywhere in the World

1 Full Day Deep Dive Energy Session $100.000

  • 1 Day Online/Offline Live/Business/Health/ Relationship Energy Healing
  • Well suited for three problems or goals
  • Personal and discreet
  • Guided process and conversation
  • Results driven
  • Perfect as a tailored suit/dress
  • Available After booking within 7 days
  • Anywhere in the World

You can expect 100% discretion and trust from us - and you will get it.
We treat all conversations and contents with you absolutely confidential!

Please write an email to vip@mindwealthacademy.com

which session you are most interested in!

We are happy to help with any questions

All of my friends know that I'm a huge fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza. I was coached by him personally. But I have to say what Stefanie and Norbert do is better than Dispenza.

Why Neuro Energetic Programming?

People who come to us have already booked business and financial consulting, had numerous coaches in the house, often even tried psychotherapy or tried to balance with sports only to realize all that DOES NOT HELP. 

You come to us to try a new approach because you feel there is something better than counseling, coaching and therapy.... 

You have found it. 

In our energy healing, we guide our clients through deeper transformational processes to true inner peace.
They describe our work like this: 

"Since working with Norbert and Stefanie, for the first time in my life I have been able to tell my children that they are wonderful people. I lie in bed more relaxed in the evening and see the world with new eyes. I feel true peace within myself". 

Do you want that too? Then book yourself an appointment discreetly. 

See you there. 

Stefanie  Bruns &  Norbert  Hofer

Stefanie Bruns

BusinessMentor & SystemEnergetician

Norbert Hofer

Entrepreneur, marketing medium, cryptopreneur and spiritual teacher for Entrepreneurs & CEO's