For multi-millionaires, billionaires and ultra-rich. 
Who already have everything: Success, houses, wealth and luxury 

without end but are not fulfilled

Learn within 5 days:
How to become happy with yourself in 3 phases as an ultra rich person, activate inner peace, make only the right decisions and create a life that gives you energy.

How do you recognize TRUE SUCCESS???

Success cannot be determined by possessions and money.

It goes much deeper...


  • Peace with YOURSELF in everyday life is true success.
  • To know why you are here and to follow your LIFE-MISSION.

You have a multi-million or billion dollar business, but you know the more you earn, the greater the challenges. The year 2020 was the year of awakening!

You used to think: Nothing can happen to you now. Then everything changed...

The fact is, despite all the success, enthusiasm and passion, you feel an inner emptiness....

You know something has to change because you can't keep doing what you're doing.

What BillionaireMentoring
does for you:

Super Human: You know the laws of human nature and grow beyond them

Brainhacking: You master your emotional reflexes

Psychoenergetics: Your psyche manages your energy budget

Antifragility: Nothing shocks you anymore. You ride the ups and downs

Protection Shield: Your mental-energetic safety net catches you.

Maximize Impact: You increase your impact on the world

and you make a meaningful contribution to the world

Future: You create a healthy future for generations to come





You feel a relaxation in the body

More and more synchronicities arise on the outside

You feel an inner peace in everyday life

You live more and more in the here & now

You become more independent from past & future

You lean back and relax because you can put every situation into perspective from a meta perspective.

Every day more you experience productive and serene calmness


What is the format? 

5 days self-study online transformation

Unique exclusive, solid and holistic
3 phase method

Video, audio and smart reflection units
(free time allocation) each 9 - 20 minutes processing time

What are the advantages? 

Unique, holistic content 

Discreet access

Session are available online at any time

Convenient from the location of your choice

Exclusively only HERE!

PHASE 1 - Simple easy to learn tool to cleanse and activate your energy frequency. Instantly increases energy and can be listened to at any time!

PHASE 2 - Discover how to know within minutes what is the right next step in your life and activate inner peace.

PHASE 3: The secret of your true energetic signature. This is how you come even more into inner peace and relax into fulfillment.

Worldleader Solutions 

Achieve more through Neuro-Energetic Programming 

The so far concealed UltraFreedom Code of your
true being

Stefanie Bruns & Norbert Hofer
Billionaire Mentoring

Stefanie Bruns

BusinessMentor & SystemEnergetician

Norbert Hofer

Marketing Medium, Online Business Mentor, Selfmade-Millionär und Cryptopreneur


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  • 5 days self-study Neuro-Energetic Programming.
    Unique exclusive, solid and holistic
    3 phase method
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